Essay - Booktober 2021


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Below we have a fabulous selection of pre-recorded author readings. If you’re keen for some personal insights from an author, then you’re going to love scrolling through this section.

There’s a link to view them sharing a special part of their book with us on the WestWords YouTube channel as well as a link to purchase the book online.

A great taster if you’re not sure what book you’d like to dive into next!

The World Was Whole by Fiona Wright (YouTube)

In this collection of essays, Fiona Wright examines how we inhabit and remember the familiar spaces of our homes and suburbs, as we move through them and away from them into the wider world, devoting ourselves to the routines and rituals that make up our lives. 

We Are Speaking in Code by Tanya Vavilova (YouTube)

WE ARE SPEAKING IN CODE explores difference and deviance in the everyday through the lenses of mental illness, queerness and migrant identity.

Intimate Antiphaties by Luke Carman (YouTube)

A collection of essays following award-winning author Luke Carman in an exploration of the connections between writing and dreaming, writing and mental illness, writing and the complications of family life.

Second City by George Haddad (YouTube)

SECOND CITY presents the diverse literary talents that make Sydney’s western suburbs such a fertile region for writers.

Gentle and Fierce by Vanessa Berry (YouTube)

GENTLE AND FIERCE focuses on the world of animals, and the way their presence has shaped the author’s attitudes and her sense of self. A new collection of essays on the relationships between humans and animals, by Vanessa Berry, author of Mirror Sydney.