About - Booktober 2021



About WestWords

WestWords is dedicated to celebrating and championing the stories of the people, places and cultures that comprise the heart of Western Sydney. We believe that the power of literature, self-expression and creativity can absolutely change the lives of children and young people and by participating in Booktober you too can be part of that change.

Your support provides children and young people in Western Sydney with an opportunity to develop literacy and life skills through telling their own stories.

Our home is Western Sydney. For over a decade we have been:

  • Working with the emerging and professional writers who represent our diverse populations providing them opportunities to tell their stories
  • Providing literacy and creative writing programs in and out of schools to realise the potential of our young people
  • Building audiences for new voices and new work – giving them a platform and a voice

  • We provide pathways of opportunity, increasing:

  • the diversity of voices
  • confidence and a sense of worth
  • resilience
  • the exploration of identities of who we are as individuals and as a nation

  • We offer…

  • School visits
  • Workshops
  • Residencies
  • Holiday workshops
  • Writers groups
  • Competitions
  • Support
  • Mentorships
  • Presentations and performances
  • Publications to showcase the work emanating from our programs

  • We collaborate with…

    like minded individuals and organisations (including teachers, schools, universities, libraries, arts organisations), we identify the need, imagine the potential and work with our partners to tailor programs uniquely suited to young people and their contexts.

    About Booktober

    Booktober™ is quite simply an annual event held during the month of October encouraging people to read more books!

    In the process, each person (affectionately known as a Bookworm!) can opt in to raise funds to support WestWords in providing books and literacy programs to disadvantaged kids within the Greater Western Sydney region.

    There’s lots of walks, runs and shaves for charity but now there’s an event where you can stop, breathe and read a book – all for a good cause! It’s really simple. Decide how many books you’ll read during October, make that pledge and encourage your friends and family to support you.