Fundraising Tips - Booktober 2021


Bookworm's Top 4 Fundraising Tips

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Fundraising Tip 1

Share your story – let your friends, family and work colleagues know that you’re a Bookworm! Encourage them to support your reading during Booktober™ by sharing your fundraising page on Facebook, Instagram, Email or whatever platform works for you and your crew.

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Fundraising Tip 2

Keep your friends updated with your progress – whether it be in raising funds or letting them know the books you are reading. You can post a review and a gentle reminder of why you have signed up as a Bookworm for Booktober.

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Fundraising Tip 3

Put together a team of Bookworms and build your own online book club. Pick a fundraising target and choose which books your group will read (check out some of our suggestions here) then share your reviews.

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Fundraising Tip 4

Donate to yourself – kick off your fundraising with your own donation (all donations over $2 are tax deductible too) and show your crew how committed you are to reading more and raising funds for Booktober.

Take part in Booktober this October and fundraise to help disadvantaged kids within the Greater Western Sydney region.

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