How we help - Booktober 2021


How We Help

IMAGINE a world where your stories aren’t told.

No books. No films. No songs. Nothing about you, your family, or your culture.

WestWords gives Western Sydney a voice, a space to be heard and celebrated. WestWords’ approach is directly targeted to build the cultural economy of Western Sydney by providing pathways of literary opportunity via workshops, masterclasses, writers groups and residencies to emerging young artists.

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Whilst some of our participants do not necessarily pursue careers as writers, we know that engaging them through creativity builds their confidence and skills of communication, motivates them to participate in their broader education and increases dramatically their life skills to partake in and contribute to in the financial economy.

The schools we work with largely are within low SES communities of Western Sydney. We recognise that shifting the financial wellbeing of individuals and communities starts at the grassroots level – creating change through the power of the written word allows students to potentially change the narratives of their lives.

All funds you raise through Booktober™ will go directly towards providing opportunities for these kids with the provision of books and specialised literacy programs.

"Working with WestWords changed my life. It’s helped me with my confidence, it’s helped me with my writing skills, with how I write, with the way I view writing. They basically made me a better person."

This comment was made by fifteen-year-old Ali from Granville Boys High and demonstrates the social and creative power of storytelling in all its forms, providing the platform to connect, cross the barriers of social disadvantage, and demonstrate authentic inclusion and empowerment.

Some of these young people have never even owned a book, let alone had the opportunity to attend a literacy program that will encourage them to tell their own stories.

WestWords works with schools and sees first-hand the need for their programs and the amazing outcomes. In a region that includes 150 cultures, and over 170 different languages spoken, WestWords are able to create a platform for these kids to build confidence, discover commonality within their differences and create their own identity. By becoming a Bookworm and raising funds during Booktober, you too can be part of this change.

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Quite simply, literacy changes lives.

Funds raised through the Booktober initiative will put books into the hands of underprivileged kids in the Greater Western Sydney region as well as provide supported literacy programs that help them reach their potential.

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