Booktober prizes


Fundraising Prizes

A huge thank you to the Authors for donating their books, time and support to Booktober. Thanks also to our wonderful partners Booktopia for providing book pack prizes and a 10% discount to everyone who signs up as a bookworm.

Raise $50 for your chance to win

Be in the draw to win one of four $100 book packs from Booktopia by raising $50 or more. 2 x adult fiction packs, 1 x adult non-fiction, and 1 x young adult pack.

Raise $100 for your chance to win

Go into the draw to win one of ten signed copies of Tina Wilson and Matt Ottley’s book, Afloat in Venice by raising $100 or more. Matt has cleverly created a music CD that comes with the book with an extended narration version of the story – this means it can be enjoyed by children who have vision impairment issues, those who have English as a second language, and children with various disabilities and learning difficulties.

Raise $250 for your gift

A signed copy of The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling, by Wai Chim will be gifted to ALL bookworms who raise $250 or more.

Raise $500 for your chance to win

Go into the draw to win a signed copy (only 2 available) of Bryan Brown’s book, Sweet Jimmy by raising $500 or more

Raise $1000 for your gift

For ALL bookworms who raise $1000 or more, Wai Chim (Survivor 2021 cast member and Author) will provide either a 30 minute one on one mentoring virtual writing session or up to 60 minute virtual visit for a school of their choice.

Team Prize

Any team that raises $1500 will go into the draw to win a personalised 30 minute virtual session with Wai Chim (Survivor 2021 Top 5 Contestant and Award Winning Author). You can use that session to talk about creative writing, Survivor, mental resilience, or whatever you like. It's completely up to your team - it's a great team bonding initiative or just an excellent opportunity to all get together and have a good old yarn with Wai!