Suggested Readings 2021 - Booktober 2021

Novels for middle years

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Fraillon, Z. (2020). The Lost Soul Atlas. Lothian.

The story begins as Twig wakes up in the Afterlife with only some vague memories and must decide whether to live in blissful ignorance of his life or set out on a quest to find his father …and to remember. A dual narrative addressing social issues like homelessness and corruption but ultimately about hope, friendship and family.

Godwin, J. (2020). When Rain turns to Snow. Lothian.

Well-crafted characters caring young people who must confront adult responsibilities and challenges. The story explores what a family is and other issues including secrets and social media.

Gordon, K. (2020). Aster’s good, right things. Riveted Press.

Aster has set herself a daily challenge: she must do a good,...

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