Memoir - Booktober 2021


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Below we have a fabulous selection of pre-recorded author readings. If you’re keen for some personal insights from an author, then you’re going to love scrolling through this section.

There’s a link to view them sharing a special part of their book with us on the WestWords YouTube channel as well as a link to purchase the book online.

A great taster if you’re not sure what book you’d like to dive into next!

The Grass Library by David Brooks (YouTube)

The GRASS LIBRARY is a philosophical and poetic journey that recounts the author’s relationship with his four sheep and other animals in his home in the Blue Mountains. It is both a memoir and an elegy for animal rights.

On Drugs by Chris Fleming (YouTube)

An open-hearted exploration of philosopher Chris Fleming’s experience of addiction. In confronting the pathos and comedy of drug use, ON DRUGS also opens out into meditations on the self and its deceptions, religion, masculinity, mental illness, and the tortuous path to recovery. 

The Shape of Sound by Fiona Murphy (YouTube)

A vivid memoir of deafness, disability and identity. Blending memoir with observations on the healthcare industry, THE SHAPE OF SOUND is a story about how deaf experiences and disability are shaped by economics, social policy, medicine and societal expectations.